Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Got Me Good

Hello everyone!

So these photos were taken from last week when mom and I went to Boise for my orientation. She didn't go to the actual event, but she was my driving companion and helped me get these photos at least! It was an 8 hour long orientation (ugh), but it was well worth it. My classes are set for the spring, I've got financial aid figured out, and I got a little more familiar with the campus. Not to mention, I'm better acquainted with the city. I can already tell I'm going to enjoy living in Boise!

If anything, the pizza has won me over - Mom and I stopped into a place called Old Chicago while walking around downtown, and I have no regrets. See those snapshots of that cheesy goodness? It tasted even better. It had a lemon-garlic sauce that was divine, and with fresh spinach tossed in a lemon vinaigrette. How can something be so carby-cheesy delicious yet refreshing at the same time?

What's more is that I received some surprising, positive reinforcement, even for my one-day visit. I ran into a classmate from my Yoga class at the orientation, and we got to know each other better that day. Then while wandering campus on my own, I saw a familiar face. My old friend Marissa just so happened to be standing in my path, and we met in a hug and exclamations of delight. What are the chances? Even better is that we were discussing living situations and discovered we were going to be neighbors! The place she's staying at is literally a 1 minute walk from where I'll be living!

There are positive things at work here, and I'm even more excited about this scary move. It's still scary. But not as much as before.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Music Monday: Gypsy & the Cat

It is when I am in a complete daydream mode that I most appreciate Gypsy & the Cat's music. Ironically, they even go under the genre of indie/dream pop music. So, all the more perfect for daydreaming to! This is a group composed of two DJ's, Xavier Bacash and Lionel Towers.

Take a listen, and hope you have a dreamy Monday!

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Let's Get Real: Pop Quiz

Have you ever felt put on the spot? Someone casually asks you a question, yet underneath that question lies another intent that is reliant on whether you answer correctly or not.
You are being given a pop quiz, my friend, and how you respond is how you will be judged.

Now I don't mind being challenged. What bothers me is what the other person's attitude or intent may be. When it is an open-hearted discussion and we are honestly exchanging ideas or thoughts, I find that one of the most invigorating and enlightening type of conversations to have. But when it is done in a superior manner and everything I have to offer is all but completely disregarded, it frustrates me. Why are you asking for my opinion if you don't want to hear it?

I see this, not only in my own circles, but in others - all the time! Why are people looking for conflict? What's worse is when I'm put on the spot. At times, I can be clever and witty and quickly respond with a smart answer, but...

Okay, who am I kidding?
That only happens hours later when I'm lying in bed, replaying the conversation and thinking about what I should have said. 

What some people don't understand, is that while I'm quiet initially, it's because I'm absorbing what they're saying. I'll let their question or statement sit in my mind for hours, perhaps a day, a week, sometimes months before I can formulate a thorough answer or opinion. I'll imagine what I should've said and build on it until I can finally form my own opinion in a thorough statement. 

There are those who don't need to think that long, and can instantly come up with a response, and to those individuals, I envy you. Though I am wary of people who talk so easily and smoothly (I've learned the hard way those are often the types who talk a loud talk but rarely walk the walk), I cannot help but admire their ability. The only way I can even work through a thought is to write it out.

So here you go. I just wrote out my feelings on being pop quizzed.

How else do you think I find substance for these blog posts? ;)
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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Out of the Woods

Top: Aeropostale   Shorts: Macys   Jacket: Target   
I got to visit my old roommate, Corina, last week! It was an overdue trip, especially since she's just an hour's drive away. But with school and work consuming my life, I've barely had the energy to leave town on my days off. However, I finally made my way up where she lives to spend a night and day exploring the town, catching up on Supernatural together, chatting about silly things, making her kittens dance to Taylor Swift, and getting photos in the natural beauty of the Sun Valley area. My poor camera had quite the difficult time of focusing though - it was too cold!

This outfit could sum up the extent of what my closet has turned into - black, white, and splashes of varying shades of red. It's basically all I wear now. Nothing exciting, but I'm rather pleased with this aesthetic and how versatile my wardrobe has become - basically, it's never been so easy to just toss something together and make an outfit!

The days are ticking down to when I'll finally be moving and living in a new city with new people, and no familiar faces around. It's absolutely nerve-wracking!

I'm actually in Boise today checking things out, meeting the landlord, moving a few things in, and heading to orientation to add my new classes. Wish me luck!

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